The Spring Fever in February Blues

February 7, 2021 0 Comments

Alright everybody, pull out your harmonica and play lowly, even mournfully, as I wax poetic concerning the 6 inches of snow that fell last weekend and still has not melted. Hum and sway, as if in a trance, while I share the misery I endured Sunday as I tried to start my snow blower that probably needs a new spark plug, but I’m too lazy to go to ACE to buy one. And how I got stuck in my own driveway until I realized that the vehicle we leased last October came with 4 wheel drive.

Oh, and the heartbreak of starting garden seeds too early because I was bored and stir-crazy from being locked up for, well, one month…but that’s a lot of depressing time to watch old gardening videos on which makes the Spring Fever madness practically unbearable!

Okay, I am over-reacting.

I admit it. And it is going to be worse once my early seeds get too big to keep indoors and it will still be too cold to plant them outside. I’ll have to eat them all as Baby Greens. Can you eat Summer Savory as a Baby Green? What about Cilantro? I’ll find out in due time, I suppose.

Sanity In Chaos

But with the wickedness and violence that is taking over our government and society I need my gardening to stay sane until the Rapture.

I have decided to use this time to study something completely different than vegetable gardening and I have to admit that it has captured my imagination. I was up until 1 a.m. the other night (that is really late for old farts, btw) watching videos and taking notes on, get this, BONSAI. It is so cool I can’t stand it! Especially the prospect of hunting down wild specimens in the woods…’cause anyone can go to the big W and buy a small tree to practice on, right? Not me.

I also have began collecting (for the first time since I was in my twenties) and propagating house plants like Coffee Arabica, Golden Pathos, and more. I may even give Aloe Vera plants a shot since I have recently been made aware of their fantastic health benefits. I’m currently consuming organic, cold-pressed, Aloe Vera juice from the store but I’d rather grow my own if possible.

If there is one trend I have noticed when looking back over my life (besides sin) it is that I always end up doing things the hard way. And the most expensive way. That’s bad for someone, like me,  who is always broke. Because of my Winter Blue’s behavior my wife has labelled me a “Dork”, though I prefer the term “Eccentric”. Eccentric has a Doc Brown (Back To The Future) ring to it.


Not Art Lovers

This reminds me of that one day that I wasn’t old yet…I think it was a Thursday in 2006…anyway I was living in an apartment south of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a Winter day like this and the white walls (why do all apartments have white walls?) were closing in on me. My Winter depression got so bad that I dragged every paint tube I had out of my art supply cache and painted a Spring scene on the living room wall. It actually made a world of difference in my mood and attitude.

When I moved out a year later I had to pay over $200 to have the maintenance guy paint over it with a sealant and white paint. Live and learn.





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