Garden Money Madness

March 8, 2021 0 Comments

Our tax refund for 2020 has arrived. They tell me I will receive my refund for 2019 sometime around August (2021). Thank you fake pandemic for screwing everything up.

My accountant (wife) paid bills and tithing and then gave me a modest chunk of cash to put into my garden fund. I think I’ve spent all of it already…may have twenty bucks left…gotta check my credit card statement.

A Kid In A Candy Store

For an Old Fart I can be pretty juvenile when it comes to money burning a hole in my pocket. Gardening, for me, is the new bar-hopping and cigarette smoking replacement in my Born-Again life I am now enjoying. And yes I do get convicted for buying garden stuff I don’t really need or use, at least this season, but I figure I might as well get them now while I have the money in hand because who knows what will happen next garden season…or if we’ll (Christians) even be here on Earth when that next season rolls around again.

So I splurged on row covers for my Brassica crop this year and a roll of 9 gauge utility wire for the hoops. I had already ordered ready-cut hoops from Amazon, which turned out to be from some Chinese vendor, which were wholly inadequate for the job. Money down the drain.

So last week I was going to cut and place the wire hoops where the cabbage and broccoli were going to be planted only to find that my wire cutter pliers were not strong enough to even put a dent in the 9 gauge wire. Aaaaurrrggg!


Old Fart Fart Farmer

As much as it pained me to spend a big cut in my budget on bolt cutters I bit the bullet and went to our local farm supply store. To my surprise they carried various sizes of this tool and I purchased the shortest (14 inches) and also the least expensive bolt cutters they had on the rack. But being the wise Old Fart Gardener that I am I asked an employee there to test them on 9 gauge wire so I would know they would work.

Before I was able to leave the store my attention was captured by a stand of dormant berry bushes (sticks basically) for $5.99 each. I had tried plant these same items about six years ago and they died promptly, without producing a single berry, by Summer’s end. But as I recall I think I just dug a hole in my clay soil and dropped them in without really researching the proper way to plant them.

So I bought for Raspberry sticks (Heritage) and planted them according to directions into my garden border which had already been worked with fall leaves and covered with wood chips. The worms looked happy for early March so I’ll be interested to see how they do this time.


Seed Starting 201

I was playing with an idea to have a little plant sale in my driveway around Mother’s Day so I started a 72 cell flat of herbs back in early February. Everything germinated rather quickly except for the Oregano. About two weeks ago I realized that I probably buried the seeds too deep so I re-sowed them on top of the soil mixture and just misted them every day. They are now germinated except for 2 cells (out of twelve). I planted Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Chives, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Lavender.

All I hope to gain eventually is a few dollars for my garden fund that will not have to come out of my Social Security benefit (and who knows how long that will last with Communists in charge of the government).

I started the Brassica seeds last week and three days later they were up. I placed the flat under lights for about two days and then placed them on the front deck during the day and I bring them into the garage at night since the temps are still well below freezing overnight. They seem to be loving it.

I started the peppers last Friday (March 5th). I received another pepper packet in the mail on the 6th that I forgot I had ordered from MIgardener so I will need to get those into cells.

Peppers this year are Bell, Jalapeno Mild, Sweet Banana (all seeds harvested from last years plants), Cheyenne Long Thin Red, and Habanada (a Habanero pepper without the heat).

Tomatoes will be started on April 3rd and the Brassica starts should go out into the garden under row covers on or about April 17…maybe earlier. Will have to assess the situation at that time.


First Dandelions Are Up! Yea!!!

Yeah, baby! My favorite Spring tonic producer is already starting to arrive in my lawn.

Dandelion flowers steeped in hot water, with a little Stevia (or honey for you non-diabetics) keeps that March cold away that always sneaks-up and bites me after I think the danger is over. Last year I had already caught a cold with severe sinus symptoms and two days of drinking dandelion tea knocked that virus on its butt.

Who needs vaccines when we have everything we need in God’s creation? Nuttin’ Honey! We who have placed our faith in the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, have the promises recorded in Psalm 91 of God’s Word.

Well, gotta split and get those Habanada started and the wire hoops into the Brassica rows. Enjoy the anticipation of Spring…especially the Eternal Spring that awaits those who place their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Return soon, Lord Jesus!