The Garden Revival

May 27, 2021 0 Comments

During the 2nd World War the United States Government began rationing food.

Much of what the American farmer produced went to fill “C-Rations” for the men fighting the German Nazis, the Italian Fascists, and the Japanese Imperial Forces. There were also many war and transport ships and Army mess halls to stock. The resulting food shortage and rationing of what was left for the citizens back home prompted the Congress to begin a campaign to promote gardening as a source of supplementing a family’s ration. It sparked an American past-time that still thrives to this day.



The New Gardening Revolution

Today the American people’s interest in gardening is exploding! Since the repressive government actions took hold in March of 2020 and people were forced to stay home from work and their businesses, gardening suddenly became a hot topic of interest. Gardening videos and groups on platforms like YouTube and Facebook ‘blossomed’, and books on gardening and living ‘off-grid’ flew off of the shelves. In this modern age of technology and automation the once common knowledge of planting seeds and harvesting vegetables has become a lost art. With a global population facing the realities of intentional food shortages by power-hungry billionaires, common people are searching for alternative ways to prep for a doomsday scenario.


Everyone Has Room To Garden

Yes, those fortunate enough to live on land with some acreage are indeed blessed. Whether a suburban lot or a country mini-farm sized plot, the options are multiplied. These folks can not only grow more food, they also have the ability to raise small livestock, live chickens, or even a beef cow.

But those of us who live in cities and towns, in neighborhoods and even apartment buildings, can still supplement our pantries with fresh produce. If you live in a house in a city neighborhood, you probably have several 4×8 foot sections of lawn you can convert to garden beds. I don’t know why Americans have such a “lawn fetish” but it is time to wake-up and to start thinking practically.

Unless you’re grazing cattle in your front lawn, grass does you no good. It won’t feed your family.  Your neighbors and those walking by will be too busy starving and looking for something to eat to appreciate your beautiful, chemically-enhanced lawn.

If you live in an apartment or a tiny house on a strip of pavement you can grow food in containers. Flower pots, buckets, an old wheel barrow, etc. Just make sure you provide some drainage holes in whatever container you choose. Potting soil is relatively inexpensive unless, like me, you’re living on a disability check, in which case you can always bag up some soil in the nearest woods or forest. Collect and compost leaves and grass clipping in black plastic trash bags to add to your dirt as fertilizer next year. Throw a few earth worms in there if you can find them.


Collectivism As An American Virtue

Usually Collectivism can be used as a dirty word and should earn you a good ‘washing out of the mouth with soap and water’ as my mother was fond of doing if a cuss word slipped out of our mouths as kids. But I’m referring to a looser use of the term which is probably closer to communal than collective. Pooling resources–labor, equipment, and harvest–can be very beneficial to all involved.

For instance, in a neighborhood where tillable soil is scarce, those with adequate lot sizes could volunteer their yards as the planting grounds. Others would provide basic tools like shovels and rakes or the use of a rototiller. Still others could go in on the purchase of seeds, compost, and mulch. All participates would meet on a Saturday morning, for example, and make short work of the chores required to maintain the garden. And all would share in the harvested crops equally.


Get The Kids Involved

I hated working in my Dad’s garden when I was a kid because I always got stuck pulling weeds. My Dad didn’t know about thick mulch covers to eliminate most weeds and other advances in gardening techniques that cut-down on intensive labor in the garden. Today, no-till gardening is the rage as well as over-seeding, crowd growing, and raised beds.

Kids who get connected to creation early in life tend to have more stable adult lives–emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Children who spend time in the garden learn important life lessons many of their peers never learn or learn way too late in life. Just watching a tiny seed grow into a large plant that provides food for several meals is a lesson in patient endurance–a counter intuitive response to our modern “I want it now” mentality.

Of course responsible stewardship of creation, if it had not gotten lost for the last hundred years or so, would have prevented or slowed down the progression of many negative environmental issues we are facing today.


Gardening Is Just The Beginning

Yes, it’s a mighty catalyst that launches you into a world you never knew existed. Or you may have thought it ended with the industrial revolution.

First comes gardening, then comes preserving the harvest for the Winter months of scarcity.

Then you discover herbs! Oh yeah, they’re great to cook with for sure but did you know that most all of them have healing properties as well? And their powerful vitamins, minerals, and essences can be extracted, concentrated, and stored for later use? Got a head cold? Go out and pick a handful of dandelion flowers and make a tea. It really works.

Homemade sauerkraut is made with cabbage, salt, and water. One tablespoon serving delivers billions (not exaggerating) of probiotic enzymes to heal your gut flora.Hippocrates said that all wellness begins in the gut. If you have a healthy gut, you’ll have a healthy body.

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food‘, often ascribed to Hippocrates (400 BC), is used to emphasize the importance of nutrition to prevent or cure disease. Can we continue to trust Big Pharm to do what’s best for the people? Can we trust their over-the-counter drugs and vaccines when they are being routinely manipulated by corrupt government officials and wealthy globalist with ulterior motives?

It is our natural response to overwhelming circumstances to say, “I’m just one person. What can I do about all of this?”

Well, pick up your shovel and let’s talk about it. Better yet, when you go to bed tonight stay awake until everyone else has fallen asleep. Then slide off of the bed onto your knees and ask God to show you His truth over the coming days. Listen for that ‘still small voice’ to lead you into a new way of understanding. Ask and you will receive.

Oldfart out.